X-energy Submits SMR Design to Canadian Nuclear Commission

X-energy, a privately held American nuclear reactor and fuel design company, has submitted a Vendor Design Review (VDR) to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for a cutting-edge new reactor facility. Colloquially referred to as the Small Modular Reactor (SMR), these “miniaturized” reactors are designed to leverage smaller, more agile units against their conventional counterparts, allowing SMR’s to be produced by a manufacturer and brought to a plant or site for streamlined assembly, thereby facilitating lees on-premises work, passive safety features, and higher containment efficiency. While several countries such as the United States, China, Russia, and the UK have produced similar designs, X-energy felt Canada’s energy platform to be the most suitable for its proposed Xe-100 reactor.

“The combination of Canada’s progressive, risk-informed regulatory framework and its well-established supply chain make Canada an ideal place to site X-energy’s first reactor and to create partnerships for a world-class SMR export program”, the company said in a published statement. The VDR calls for several facets of the Xe-100’s design, including the 200 MWt (75MWe) gas-cooled reactor and its graphite-moderated pebble bed structure, which makes use an unique fuel containing Triso particles—a kernel of uranium oxycarbide enriched to 10% uranium-235, which specifically protects against the release of radioactive materials. Though Pebble bed high temperature gas-cooled reactors were first proposed in 1944, the design for the Xe-100 has undergone decades of research and development on high temperature gas reactors, resulting in a VDR whose primary features are passive and inherent safety. Canadian systems-integrator and engineering consultant Kinectrics will manage X-energy’s licensing processes with the CNSC.

OTEK, as a long-time supplier to the nuclear industry and a fervent champion of innovative technology, looks forward to the fruition of X-energy’s reactor. OTEK has also partnered with Kinectrics on several projects, to bring our efficient, accurate, and reliable technology to modernizing Instrument and Control rooms throughout the industry—including many of our popular NTM-9 and NTM-V models.

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