With an Eye Beyond Obsolescence

In February of 2013 executives at Duke Energy announced the closure of the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant in Florida. This was due to engineering issues uncovered during the tendon detension process that resulted in large gaps within the concrete walls of the containment building. Originally commissioned in 1977, the powers that be decided that although thirty-six years of faithful service and profit was to be admired and celebrated, the risks of continuing on with an unreliable NPP were too great.

The same lesson in sound judgment can be applied to the challenge of analog obsolescence facing the Nuclear Industry today. Another ABB-TBI Bailey meter that has been an industry fixture, and heavily populated the Crystal River Plant, the TA Bailey RY Series, presents such a challenge on the back of sweeping obsolescence in NPP’s. The RY Series has performed to the limits of its potential over the last fifty years, but it too is up for discountenance.

Like the forward thinking minds of those Duke Energy executives, Otek is looking toward the future as well. We are proud to offer a solution the RY series obsolescence with our NTM-6 model as a 100% Form, Fit, and Function replacement for Class 1E safety related and nuclear qualified applications as well as Mil-Spec 461,167-1, 810F, 901C, and IEEE-344 respectively.

The NTM-6 is cyber security compliant with industry standard dimensions of 7 x 1.4” and comes exclusively in metal. This unit houses up to 2 channel and is available in loop (4-20mA), A.C. signal or external power. Additional features include automatic tricolor bar graph with intensity control, input fail alarm with runtime stamp, self-diagnostics, isolated serial I/O, USB/RS485, a configurable bar direction (up/down/center zero), math functions, over 30 isolated input signals, 4-20mA/30V output, and requires only 100mW@5VDC.

Don’t be swept along in the growing wave of analog obsolescence—call Otek today at (520) 748-7900 or email us at sales@otekcorp.com. Unwire the past and wire in the future with Otek’s NTM-6!