Why Digitize Your I&C Room?

Why Digitize Your I&C Room?

Helping The Nuclear Promise

Dr. Otto P. Fest, President & Founder, OTEK Corporation

Approximately 340 Nuclear Power Plants are over 30 years old. Profits are diminished by obsolescence, inefficiency, and regulations. Obsolete instrumentation comes with exorbitant costs: High maintenance expenses, constant recalibration, low accuracy and resolution, no HMI/MMI and control, high inventory cost for rebuilt replacement meters, high operator and parallax errors, and stuck needles. OTEK’s Plug & Play meters solve these issues – and more.

Our patented technology eliminates obsolescence, provides greater operator and facility efficiency, and meets regulations. Our engineers are happy to reverse engineer our products to fit your current electrical system and dimensions in your existing control panel, eliminating costs associated with rewiring and cutting panels.

Our meters are Cybersecurity Compliant to NEI 08-09.

The NTM Series provides replacements for common obsolete meters by Sigma, Dixson, Prime, VMI/Versatile, Yew/Yokogawa, General Electric, and Weschler among others. Common features include our patented current loop, V/A/W/Hz/AC/DC or external power, ultra-high reliability of greater than or equal to 25 years, relays, analog out, math functions, are obsolescence hardened, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Our entire NTM Catalog is available on our website. Custom builds can be procured through our configurator. All of our products are designed for easy replacement as old units fail or in bulk during scheduled shutdowns.

For meters with no CDA and meet Cybersecurity Exempt status, see our SSAM 9 and SSAM N.

I&C Room Digitization increases profitability for Nuclear Power Plants. We’d love to help you see a greater return on investment.