Westinghouse KX241 Replacement

Westinghouse KX241 replacementThe Westinghouse KX241 was designed to harness technological breakthroughs that would allow the meter to achieve peak reliability and performance for both military and commercial applications. It was a rousing success. The meter performed to all the industry expectations and standards, resulting in a wide dispersal of the unit over a vast range of applications, particularly in marine environments.

The problem, however, is that the KX241’s heyday was a long way away from 2019—some 40 to 50 years. Technology, like time, only moves forward, and unfortunately, the KX241 has befallen an all too familiar fate: relegation to the bleak and obscure realm of analog obsolescence. What was efficient, practical, and innovative back then is now outdated, unreliable, and obsolete today. The industry has moved past the KX241.

Want meter technology that’s in step with the industry? OTEK offers the NTM-3 from our award-winning New Technology Series, as a 100% Form, Fit, and Function replacement for the Westinghouse KX241 for Class 1E safety-related and nuclear-qualified applications, as well as Mil-Specs 461,1 67-1, 810F, 901C, and IEEE-34 respectively.

The NTM-3 is an industry-standard 4-inch switchboard available in plastic or metal and can house up to 3 channels, with the capacity to be loop powered, signal powered or externally powered. The model comes with an automatic tricolor bar graph with intensity control, input fail alarm with runtime stamp and unit ID, self-diagnostics, serial I/O, USB or RS485 for non-externally powered units, 4-20mA/30V out on externally powered units, math functions, over thirty isolated input signals, a configurable bar direction (up, down, center zero), 4 relays or O.C.T., and consumes only 100mW@5VDC. The NTM-3 carries OTEK’s lifetime warranty and is highly customizable to your desired applications.

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