Vogtle Nuclear Plant Receives First Fuel Delivery

The two nuclear reactors under construction at the Vogtle Generating Plant have received their initial delivery of uranium fuel this week, reports controlling owner Georgia Power. The reactors, Vogtle 3 & 4 respectively, have been under construction since March of 2009, and have been built under the design of Westinghouse’s AP1000 pressurized water reactor.

“Achieving this historic milestone brings us closer to fuel load expected in April 2021, and, once online, these new nuclear units will provide clean, carbon-free energy for the next 60 to 80 years”, said Georgia Power’s CEO and chairman Paul Bowers, “Since the start, the Vogtle expansion project has been an investment in our energy future. Today, as we receive our first nuclear fuel shipment, we remain committed to realizing the benefits this project will provide not only to our customers, but also our state and our country.”

With Vogtle 3 slated to be operational by 2021 and 4 expected to come online by November 2024, the entire Vogtle facility is expected to become the largest nuclear power plant in the United States, as well as the most expensive at $25 billion, eclipsing the North Anna station’s $20 billion. Westinghouse has also been tapped to develop a modernized Instrumentation and Control Room (I&C) for both new reactors.

Serving as a long-time supplier to Westinghouse and as well as the Vogtle site itself, Otek maintains a presence in the ongoing construction of this project. Reactors 1 & 2 at the plant currently use several of Otek’s Radiation Panel Meters (RPMs) that serve as replacements for a preceding Westinghouse unit, which interfaces with a General Atomics radiation detector. Otek’s UPM-L model has also provided to the plant, and is in discussion to be used in reactors 3 & 4, via Westinghouse, as part of a larger contract.

As a dedicated supplier to Vogtle, Westinghouse, and the nuclear industry at large, Otek remains committed to providing innovative Plug & Play technology to a digital future where reliability, accuracy, and efficiency are as standard as the quality of our products.

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