Untangling the Truth About Clean Nuclear Energy

Lost among the sensational daily calamity of life nineteen years into the 21st century is the truth. So muddled in the mire of incessantly wagging tongues salivating for their chance to wrest it to their notion of it, their screeching determination of what’s its purpose should be, or buried in the muck of western culture flailing like lunatics trying to vault one another, that it more than likely will never be found again. Maybe we never had it at all. Yet in this rancid obscuring of the truth in this world, where only its shadow gives us any indication we ever knew it at all, we may contend ourselves with its children—empirical facts. Nobody seems to know what those are anymore. Fact has become synonymous with the hair trigger edicts of internet prophets—when “Social Media Celebrity” is a valued occupation it’s clear we value nothing.

Yet there are a few of us, marginalized to the forlorn perimeters of a hysterical culture animated by the slightest crack of an eggshell, that keep to the vigil for truth. That cradle the facts of its broken reflection for their potential clarity. That seek to understand and not to dictate. That understand the word facile. The ones who refuse to slander the truth for our own bedazzled image. We are but few, but we are the candles burning at the edges of this ridiculous carnival.

Two torch bearers, multidisciplinary scientists John Rie and Alan Emery, in a recent article submitted to the Wall Street Journal, attempted to grind reality into this wild New Green Deal everyone and their mother is jumping in bed with. By now, unfortunately, it has become nearly impossible to not have some idea of what this deal proposes: elimination of fossil fuels, carbon footprints, solar and wind technologies, electric cars, nation-wide veganism, and universal health care just for kicks and giggles. It also vehemently opposes the “market-based mechanisms of nuclear energy”.

Caution, Mr. Rie and Mr. Emery warned, reality isn’t as fickle as your emotional temperatures. The article discusses, in direct contradiction to the vitriol spewed ceaselessly about our nuclear industry, the enormous potential nuclear technology offers for clean energy. It’s 24/7, 365 days a year power that is carbon-free, is not dictated by nature or short-lived (like wind and solar energy), or hampered by geography like hydropower. It also bears a low cost to consumers—where as every under thirty bleeding heart’s New Green Deal is estimated to cost $51- $93 trillion over the next decade to implement, or $600,000 per household. Even more practical, the technology already exists for nuclear energy—unlike the battery and power-grid technologies a nationwide conversion to solar and wind would require. Conveniently shuffled in the espoused egalitarian beauty of the New Green Deal is that these technologies don’t exist yet. Nuclear energy also has the potential to be reprocessed and reused, as evidenced by many of France’s NPP’s. Nuclear energy is a feasible fulcrum to the clean future without ravaging the world’s economy—the provisions outlined in this bastardization of FDR’s idea are not.

Otek stands with our ailing nuclear industry. While we can’t mainline facts and reality into the raucous talking heads, we can do our part to make the industry more efficient, reliable, and accurate. Our technological advanced meters, such as our NTM series and our new cyber security exempt Solid State Analog Meter (SSAM), are specifically designed to meet the current challenges of analog obsolescence, NEI 08-09 regulation expenses, parts scarcity, and others threatening the health and longevity of our nuclear industry. We pride ourselves on being part of an honest solution to a cleaner future.

We’ll keep the light on for the truth—even if society’s shadows fall all around it.

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