Universal Panel Meter – Possibilities

Tucson, AZ – Continuing to push the technological limits of metering technology, OTEK Corporation introduces its latest product line: The Universal Panel Meter (UPM) series. This unique technology has the ability to function as both a DPM as well as a Counter/Timer for a wide variety of applications across a host of industries. As strictly a DPM the UPM series offers over 30 analog input signals—as a counter/timer the UPM can provide a host of functions, including as a scientific controller-display, process PID controller, a forecasting center, scrolling message display, and a process automation controller among many others.

Like OTEK’s popular NTM series, the Universal Panel Meter (UPM) offers high reliability through a myriad of company staples such as automatic alpha-numeric tricolor display and input signal fail detection with runtime stamp, relays, isolated 4-20mA retransmission, and universal power inputs. The series can be powered externally or by the signal that it measures (like analogs) as well as by OTEK’s well-known current loop power technology.

Leading off the series is the UPM-0 model, which easily replaces any 1/8 DIN DPM or counter/timer. The UPM-0 features isolated serial I/O (USB/RS485) as well as Ethernet, in addition to self-diagnostics, intensity control via serial port, math functions (x-y tables, polynomials), dimensions of 3.78”x1.9” and is available in either plastic or metal.

The UPM series is still being expanded upon with several more models soon be to be debuted. For more information or ordering contact us at 520-748-7900, or email us at sales@otekcorp.com.



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