UK Nuclear Sees Business Leaders Rally

U.K. Nuclear Sees Business Leaders RallyBusiness leaders rally around UK Nuclear.

The tangled blight of nuclear energy and carbon emissions is not only an American inferno—the United Kingdom feels the flames as well, albeit with much less of the jejune political self-possession. Their citizens, their communities, and their ideologies seem much less blinded from scientific truth and common sense than their American counterpoints. Hence we see the Confederation of British Industry, the CBI, in a letter to the UK business secretary Greg Clark, clearly and without reservation outlining how important a role nuclear energy must play in the country’s attempt at zero carbon emissions.

The U.K. nuclear program has notoriously sagged in recent years, falling well behind neighbor and world-nuclear pioneer France. Recent criticism has come from the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant which has accumulated enormous production costs in an effort to power 7% of the U.K’s electricity output by 2025. The CBI is comprised of industry leaders across the United Kingdom from various corners and avenues of power generation, water treatment, electricity, etc—and what’s striking is that all of those numerous and moving parts have aligned together to produce one message: we will never meet our carbon goals without nuclear energy. The confederation said prioritizing both large-scale and the newer small module reactors would lead to huge strides and advantages, including the investment of foreign capital across the U.K. The CBI’s chief economist Rain Newton-Smith labels the nuclear initiative as “mission-critical”. If only America could rally behind science, common sense, and unified purpose as business leaders have rallied around UK Nuclear energy initiatives.

So until that long-distant future in which America awakens from its bickering slumber, OTEK will keep pushing its award-winning and patented technology in instrumentation and process control forward. As a Class 1E company, we’ve recently designed a new DPM designed to replace obsolescence-riddled ammeters in nuclear I&C rooms without incurring the costly parameters of the NEI 08-09 cybersecurity mandate. Our Solid-State Analog Meter (SSAM) was designed without any digital assets such as microprocessors and uses only CMOS logic which allows the meter to operate with a Cyber Security Exempt status. Currently, the SSAM is starting to generate a mounting buzz within the American nuclear industry.

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