The Many Uses of Otek Meters

On this day in history, Frank (Julian) Sprague died at the age of 77 in 1934. Sprague was an American engineer, inventor and a pioneer in electric railway transportation. He worked with Thomas Edison at Menlo Park and formed the Sprague Electric Railway and Motor Company in 1884 and became known as “the father of electric railway traction.” His company installed the first U.S. electric trolley system in Richmond, Virginia in 1887.

Did you know that Otek’s instruments are used in electric railway systems throughout the world? Otek is in the business of measurement, and our accurate and bright digital meters are perfect for the infrastructure, equipment and power systems needed to run any efficient rail system.

Take a look at our model NTM-3, which is a perfect fit for any modern rail cab or system. This switchboard meter is available with up to three channels (i.e. to monitor speed, distance, rate, etc.,) and offers isolated serial communications to relay information back to the central computer. This unit also includes built-in math functions, self-diagnostics and can be configured for over 30 isolated input signals. Thank you Mr. Sprague for your contribution to the rail industry and for proving Otek with more variables to measure!