Continuous Monitoring Technology in the Wastewater Industry

With the emergence of automated and integrated technology, the wastewater industry is poised to make the same digital leap their counterparts in the nuclear and military sectors have experienced in recent years. With such an environmentally critical presence, the wastewater industry stands to benefit significantly from the proposed advancements in continuous monitoring and Fault Detection/Diagnostics, as they pertain to efficiency and safety.

The real-time data, including alarm detection and analysis, that continuous monitoring platforms could provide the industry would prove invaluable. Using vendor-agnostic sensors (digital interfaces that communicate standardized data across a given network), such platforms cull data from multiple sources and synchronize it into display graphics that provide up to the minute information on processes, systems, and functionality within the plant that enables operators to make quick decisions and empowers them to carry out those decisions swiftly. Such up to the minute information can alleviate everything from unnecessary trips into the field to reactive maintenance within the plant. One of the significant benefits of continuous monitoring systems is the ability to detect, alert, and track a critical issue from discovery to resolution before it becomes a corrosive problem. Preventative maintenance in such an industry as wastewater is crucial to not only the plant itself but the greater community in which it serves.

Continuous monitoring systems also reduce manual labor within the plant itself, resulting in higher efficiency and less erroneous data entry, as we have seen with human to machine (HMI) interface systems and SCADA collection. The immediate notification these systems offer is paramount in streamlining efficiency for an industry that is relied so heavily upon for public safety.

Immediate notification, as well as various aspects of continuous monitoring on a lesser scale, are prominent features of OTEK’s New Technology Series (NTM). These technologically advanced digital meters carry our patented input-signal failure alarm with a runtime stamp, which alerts the operator in the event of a reduced or lost signal. In particular, the NTM-9 model within the series has been well-received within the wastewater industry for its Form, Fit, and Function replacement of the highly-prevalent GE/Yokogawa 180 analog meter.

Standing vertically with dimensions of 2.16” W x 6” H, the NTM-9 boasts an automatic tricolor bar with intensity control and includes a 4 digit display, self-diagnostics, isolated serial I/O, USB/RS485, a configurable bar direction (up/down/center zero), math functions, four relays or O.C.T., 4-20mA/30v output, and comes with the OTEK lifetime warranty. As with all the products in our vast catalog, the NTM-9 is highly customizable to your application needs.

For more information on the NTM-9, its parent series the New Technology Meters, or OTEK’s presence in the wastewater industry, please call our office at 520-748-7900 or email our sales department,