The Athlete, the Analog, and a Comparative Future

The Weschler KX-241 is like an aging athlete. It was a wunderkind when it first arrived on the scene and there was apprehension at its newness, then it won the crowd over and performed admirably during the breath of its campaign, even had some peak moments of unparalleled greatness, and now is fading into the twilight obsolescence at the close of a long career. It has been said great athletes do not age well. They suddenly find themselves, after years in eye of adoration, sequestered to the sidelines when the capabilities of the body can no longer match the demands of the sport. They ask themselves why, what can be done, and did I do enough with the time I was given?

Admirably, the Weschler KX-241 can answer those questions with confidence. It performed to the extent of its capability for the demands of the market, as long as progressive technology allowed. Yet time remains undefeated. Like each inevitable new generation of athletes who use advances in science and technology to become faster, stronger, and more adaptable, the KX-241 has found itself outpaced by digital meters which take full advantage of the prodigious leap in technology of the last fifty years. It is not the fault of the athlete or the analog, but an inevitable consequence of a future that never fails to continue. Obsolescence is the natural byproduct of time.

And so Otek takes its place among the next generation by offering, from our New Technology Series, the NTM-3, M, & N models as 100% form, fit, and function replacements for the Weschler KX-24, for Class 1E safety related and nuclear qualified applications, as well as Mil-Specs 461, 167-1, 810F, 901C, and IEEE-344. All three models carry a Cyber Security Compliant classification.
All three models are available in either plastic or metal, and feature our patented input signal fail detect alarm and serial transmission with run time stamp and unit ID. Each requires less than 60mW comparable to analogs, with externally powered options for each having over 30 signal conditioners. These three models also come equipped with automatic tricolor bar graphs, self-diagnostics, serial I/O, USB or RS485, math functions, and a configurable bar direction (up, down, center zero).

Additionally the technology that powers these models is customizable to your needs, as with all our products here at OTEK. And of course, each comes with our guaranteed lifetime warranty.

There’s a hall of fame out there somewhere for the Weschler KX-24 and analogs like it. You can probably even visit it. But the industry, like any sport, moves ever forward with a changing landscape that demands meters of a more refined ilk. Get yours today by calling Otek at (520) 748-7900 or email us at