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Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Bringing Manufacturers Back to the U.S.

In the wake of COVID-19’s effect on global supply chains, the increasing calls for a manufacturing resurgence in the United States could open new cybersecurity vulnerabilities. As economic effects from the virus began bleeding into business production and the shuttering of factories, many manufacturers in the U.S. began championing President Trump’s call to bring back… Read more »

OTEK Meters in Hollywood

OTEK technology has been applied to numerous applications over the years, which has brought our meters into the secret bowels of submarines, into the cockpits of both commercial and military aircraft, into nuclear power plants and waste-water facilities, into tanks, jets, training simulators, oil rigs, farming equipment, trains, radio towers—and even, into space. Well, the… Read more »

Westinghouse VX251 Replaced by OTEK NTM-9

In the third quarter of 2017, the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant, just north of Chattanooga, Tennessee, received a “white” rating from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an undisclosed violation. While this was not enough to drop the plant’s Class 2 rating any further on the 1-5 NRC scale, it was enough to mandate corrective actions… Read more »

Edison’s Disciples on His 172nd Birthday

Yesterday, February the 11th, was the Wizard of Menlo Park’s one hundred and seventy-first birthday. Immortalized as the famed creator of history-alerting inventions such as the phonograph, the telephone, and the electric light bulb, Thomas Edison is one of humanity’s great innovators. History is littered with the flowers of his ideas and their consequences, good… Read more »

Sigma 1251 Disappears into the Obsolescence Cloud

Sigma Instruments was incorporated in 1995 for distribution of products in the semiconductor and vacuum-coating industries. Long before then however, the company had been a major player in the analog metering sector for nuclear power plants with one of their staples, the Sigma 1251. With the curved subjectivity of its PSG display and drooping needle,… Read more »

The Athlete, the Analog, and a Comparative Future

The Weschler KX-241 is like an aging athlete. It was a wunderkind when it first arrived on the scene and there was apprehension at its newness, then it won the crowd over and performed admirably during the breath of its campaign, even had some peak moments of unparalleled greatness, and now is fading into the… Read more »

Obsolescence Upgrades from Otek

Founded in1883 as a Swedish industrial company, Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget underwent a 100 year delineation to become, in 1988, the Fortune 500 multinational company we know today as the ABB Group. They were not content to rest on their laurels however, and in 1990, just two years after the famous merger with the Swiss… Read more »

International Instruments Potential Reached–Whats Next? Otek & the DPM Revolution

International Instruments began 1947 with the purpose of developing a series of analog meters that realized the full of a flat, stackable, and compact meter. As the Nuclear Power Industry grew exponentially after World War II, so too did the escalating need for improved nuclear instrumentation. Initially developed for the U.S.-based Atomic Energy Commission, II’s… Read more »

Hays Cleveland D03600 & It’s Future

Imagine you’re working in an I&C room with numerous meters and display panels strewn over every conceivable wall, and you need to perform daily checks. Does this five gauge meter look “easily readable from a distance” and do you trust that its “full size is used to assure big-gauge accuracy and sensitivity” as its datasheet… Read more »

Yes, We Replace Obsolete DPM’s as Well as Analogs!

Founded in 1964, Vehicular Instrumentation Systems (VIS) was a privately controlled company under the brand name Dixson, which specialized in gauges, meters, and other measurement devices for the automotive industry. When Dixson was acquired by the global manufacturer Ametek thirty years later in 1995 as a specialty division, their aim spread to instrumentation control for… Read more »