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Nuclear Fusion Possible by 2025?

Once the stuff of science fiction and speculative energy geeks with far-fetched dreams, a new series of studies published in the Journal of Plasma Physics last month, and in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, postulates that controlled nuclear fusion might indeed be possible by 2025. The grounds for such a claim are rooted… Read more »

Nuclear Energy’s Role in a Post COVID-19 Economy

Nuclear Power might have an essential role in the era of coronavirus. Earlier today, July 10th, Sama Bilbao y Leon, head of the Nuclear Technology Development and Economics at OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, gave a virtual speech via webinar concerning the impact nuclear energy could have on a recovering global economy during the COVID-19 pandemic…. Read more »

COVID-19’s Impact on the Nuclear Industry

As the uncertain impact of COVID-19 continues to affect industries around the globe, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has issued a statement regarding the nuclear industry. Across the world, nuclear plant operators and staff have been taking strategic steps to ensure the health and safety of their reactors as the pandemic continues, per IAEA’s… Read more »

Nuclear Trade Association Condemn’s Europe’s Coronavirus Recover Plan

In a statement released May 27th, Brussels-based trade association Foratom has sharply criticized the European Commission’s decision to exclude nuclear energy from its COVID-19 recovery effort, referred to as the Green Recovery Plan. That decision, the atomic forum said, is negligent of Europe’s cleanest and most dispatchable form of energy: that of nuclear fission. “The… Read more »

Lessons Learned | Germany’s Nuclear Energy Abdication

In this American landscape where the word nuclear has been sandbagged and vilified, we would do well to observe the effect Atomausstieg or “nuclear phase-out” has had on Germany’s energy outlook. Reeling from Japan’s Fukushima disaster in 2011, German Chancellor Angela Merkel began what has become known as the Energiewende—Germany’s “energy revolution”, a comprehensive plan… Read more »

Politics Around Nuclear Energy

CNN’s Democratic climate change town hall meeting certainly was extraordinary—in that it ran for seven consecutive hours and some people evidently wagered their sanity watching it till nearly midnight on September 4th.  With climate change now a global buffet for opinions and the Democratic presidential hopefuls pouncing on it with sensational glee, the soap opera… Read more »

Thorium Pushed as Substitute for Uranium

Is Thorium the future? With the Democratic debates taking center stage upon America’s political spectrum in recent months, the expected campaign bombardment is in full effect. Every 6 o’clock news stations bleats out the statistics, facts, opinions, goals, personal attacks, and eager little beavers take to twitter or Facebook proclaiming this and that. It’s the… Read more »

Nuclear Energy Conference Addresses Global Concerns in London

Earlier this week delegates and industry leaders from around the world gathered in London to hold court on the current state of the nuclear industry. Billed as The Nuclear New Build 2019 Conference, the two-day event broached several key topics affecting today’s nuclear energy, as well as influencing its directional future. A brief overview: -Tim… Read more »

40 Years in the Shadow of Three Mile Island

A 40-year anniversary is usually cause for jubilant celebration, of endearing reflection—unless you are staring down the 40th anniversary of the worst nuclear accident in United States’ history. Shortly after dawn broke over Dauphin County on March 28th, 1979, the mechanisms of what would eventually come to be known as the Three Mile Island disaster… Read more »

Finland Shinning a Light for the World

There is an island off the southeastern coast of Finland where something remarkable is happening. A first of its kind, a pioneering of humanity designed to outlast humanity itself. A dark, desolate, bottomless tomb carved into the very bedrock of the earth where a faceless danger capable of liquefying life will be exiled forever—the entrance… Read more »