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Continuous Monitoring Technology in the Wastewater Industry

With the emergence of automated and integrated technology, the wastewater industry is poised to make the same digital leap their counterparts in the nuclear and military sectors have experienced in recent years. With such an environmentally critical presence, the wastewater industry stands to benefit significantly from the proposed advancements in continuous monitoring and Fault Detection/Diagnostics,… Read more »

Trump Eyes 2021 for a $1.2 Billion Budget Proposal in Nuclear R&D

President Donald Trump remains committed to bolstering the nuclear industry despite prior administration rollbacks. Following his proclamation that the “revitalization of the domestic industry and the ability of domestic technologies to compete abroad,” President Trump recently signed a proposed budget of $1.2 billion for 2021 for the nuclear industry to invest in the research and… Read more »

U.S. Department of Energy Invests in New Test Reactor

Despite the recent maelstrom that has become nuclear energy discussions in this United States, the Department of Energy is reaching above the fray in pursuit of innovative technologies to propel the industry forward. This time, it enlisted some seriously deep and well-connected pockets. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his armada of resources (both financial &… Read more »

NRC Grants First-Ever 80 Year Extension

The NRC grants the first-ever 80-year license renewal extension to Turkey Point in Southern Florida. OTEK provides meters for the facility. In a move that will surely turn environmentalists and climate change activists green with envy, the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) passed a referendum to extend a nuclear power plant’s operating license for 80… Read more »

Blue Energy for the Nuclear Idea

Blue may very well be the new green in energy. A team of Ph.D. students working in the lab of mechanical engineer Jerry Wei-Jen Shan at Rutgers University has unlocked a startling new potential for the energy sector, and nuclear power plants in particular. Colloquially known as “Blue Energy”, this idea focuses on the energy… Read more »

Westinghouse VX251 Replaced by OTEK NTM-9

In the third quarter of 2017, the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant, just north of Chattanooga, Tennessee, received a “white” rating from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an undisclosed violation. While this was not enough to drop the plant’s Class 2 rating any further on the 1-5 NRC scale, it was enough to mandate corrective actions… Read more »

George Westinghouse, Tesla, Analogs, & Otek

When the era of nuclear energy began nearly 50 years ago, Westinghouse was right there. Championed as “The world’s only true nobleman” by Nikola Tesla, company founder George Westinghouse was a man dedicated to making technology faster, more efficient, and with greater accuracy. From the rotary steam engine to air brakes, from the distribution of… Read more »

OTEK Instruments Still Measure Up While Temps Fall

With a frigid Armageddon falling over the Midwest and Northeast parts of the U.S. this week, the very fabric of society seems to be frozen itself. Mail has been suspended in Michigan, people are freezing to death for cigarettes, beer is turning to yellow blocks in trucks before they reach the stores, businesses have shuttered… Read more »

Sigma 1251 Disappears into the Obsolescence Cloud

Sigma Instruments was incorporated in 1995 for distribution of products in the semiconductor and vacuum-coating industries. Long before then however, the company had been a major player in the analog metering sector for nuclear power plants with one of their staples, the Sigma 1251. With the curved subjectivity of its PSG display and drooping needle,… Read more »

Another Weschler Bites the Dust

Continuing with our purview of Weschler products, the VX252 has also reached the end of the analog road. These vertical display ammeters were invented during the analog age’s peak in the 1970’s and 80’s with the intent for broad distribution in Nuclear Power Plants of the time. Where we stand now, nearly fifty years later,… Read more »