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Will the American Nuclear Industry Lose Footing?

The U.S. soil continues to be a sensational battleground for a rabidly politicized energy debate. Resting for decades on the laurels of being the planet’s leading nuclear authority, a new wave has cascaded from the shores of California to Rockport, Maine, embroiling the United States in murky questions over its nuclear future. Will the American… Read more »

Another Weschler Bites the Dust

Continuing with our purview of Weschler products, the VX252 has also reached the end of the analog road. These vertical display ammeters were invented during the analog age’s peak in the 1970’s and 80’s with the intent for broad distribution in Nuclear Power Plants of the time. Where we stand now, nearly fifty years later,… Read more »

Dr. Fest Returns to Orlando for the Power Gen Conference

Dr. Fest will be traveling back to Orlando this coming Monday, December 3rd through the 6th, to attend the 2018 International Power Gen Conference. Industry leaders and those interested in the future of industry as a whole will be in attendance to discuss the direction of our energy future, with a heavy interest to be… Read more »