Tag: Cyber Security Systems

How Manufacturers Can Meet the Requirements of the DoD’s CMMC

As the manufacturing industry increasingly becomes more reliant on digital systems, they also become more vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Now it’s true that most U.S. manufacturers already have provisions or protocols for cyber security in place, but are they up to the ever-evolving tactics of cyber hackers? And if they plan to elicit government… Read more »

Cyber Security an Issue for the Maritime Industry

Cyber security is becoming an increasing problem for the maritime industry. As the information age has increasingly become digital, it should be no surprise that cyber security has become an important issue across nearly every sector of business, including industries like maritime and related shipping. As recently as this year, the Switzerland shipping giant MSC… Read more »

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Bringing Manufacturers Back to the U.S.

In the wake of COVID-19’s effect on global supply chains, the increasing calls for a manufacturing resurgence in the United States could open new cybersecurity vulnerabilities. As economic effects from the virus began bleeding into business production and the shuttering of factories, many manufacturers in the U.S. began championing President Trump’s call to bring back… Read more »

Navy Aims to Overhaul Its Cybersecurity Systems

The U.S. Navy released a memo last week outlining a proposed overhaul of their cybersecurity systems across the board, in response to a rise in such technological threats from China. At the heart of the memo was an intense focus on updating a network infrastructure that largely relies on computers and communicative technology from the… Read more »

Cybersecurity Attack in New Orleans

In yet another attack on an American city, cybersecurity criminals besieged New Orleans over the weekend with a flurry of phishing and ransomware attempts. Beginning shortly before dawn Friday, the faceless hackers continued to ratchet up their activity through the morning hours, reaching a peak around 8 am. The head of the city’s IT department… Read more »

Nuclear Energy Russia – Set Sail

Nuclear Energy in Russia Sets Sail A nuclear power plant is churning through the dark cold waters of the Arctic. Bound for Russia’s Far East port city of Pevek, the Akademik Lomonosov is the first of its kind anywhere on planet Earth. Commissioned by Rosatom, the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation in 2007 and strapped… Read more »