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Technical Innovations to the Rescue of Aging I&C Rooms

Technical Innovations to the Rescue of Aging I&C Rooms Dr. Otto P. Fest Digitization of main control rooms is no longer an option for the rich and affluent nuclear power plants. The world Nuclear Power Plant fleet consists of about 350 NPP’s 35 years or older, with about 93 of them in the USA. The… Read more »

Russian Nuclear Incident Reveals Small Modular Reactor

There’s an adage we’re all familiar with: Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Well, six months shy of twenty years into this new millennium, and “Those” can be substituted for the Russian government when it comes to nuclear technology. By now anyone with a cell phone or eyes to… Read more »

With an Eye Beyond Obsolescence

In February of 2013 executives at Duke Energy announced the closure of the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant in Florida. This was due to engineering issues uncovered during the tendon detension process that resulted in large gaps within the concrete walls of the containment building. Originally commissioned in 1977, the powers that be decided that… Read more »