The New SSAM
(Solid State Analog Meter)

Cyber Security Safe
Numerical Bar-Meter Replaces Analog Meters
Without Being A Critical Digital Asset




No Microprocessors, just CMOS Logic ∴ Not cyber security vulnerable.
100% Signal Powered (like analog meters) for 4-20 & 10-50mA current loops, AC Volts, Amps, Hertz and Watts and DC V, mA & Watts
Our patented Signal Failure Alarm flashes its display if the signal fails.
100% Form, Fit & Function (wire-by-wire) plug & play replaces analog meters
101 LED segment bar for 1% resolution with custom colors for alarm zones (bar)
4 1/2 digit ( bright 0.6” LED display; 0.1% accuracy of Full Scale Reading (±1 LED)
Optional Isolated Alarms & 4-20mA Outputs. USB on request.

Otek Corporation has unveiled its patent pending Solid State Analog Meter (SSAM) that replaces form, fit & function any ANSI 4” switchboard analog meter. The SSAM is powered by the signal it measures, just like an analog meter, but without the stuck needle, inaccuracy and the sensitivity to shock, vibration, EMI/RFI and without the lack of HMI of the analogs.

Why the SSAM?

We replaced any and all “digital assets,” (microprocessors, etc,.) with old fashioned CMOS Logic (as defined by NEI 08-09), replaced them with the latest hardware and added our patented technology. We married this to the most advanced LED technology (approaching organic LED) to give you super bright bargraph and numerical displays. These displays are visible across the room when viewed in a typical Instrument & Control Room (I&C) because we incorporate “pure white” LEDs only, with the option for custom tinted scale plates to meet your needs. The only analog portion of the SSAM is the input signal!

The SSAM-N replaces the analog ANSI 4” switchboard meter, known as the DB40 and other models and sizes will be added to the SSAM series in the near future. Please click HERE for the preliminary data sheet, specifications and mechanical drawings.

Some Specifications: 101 LEDs, 1% accuracy & resolution, 4 ½ (19999) digits, ±0.1% of full scale accuracy and ±19999 counts resolution. Some input signals include 4-20 and 10-50mADC current loop; VDC: 5-130V; mADC: 5-500; VAC: 30-130; AAC: 1-5; WAC/DC: 50-700; Hertz: 30-130 VAC/30-500 Hz. Class 1E (nuclear), MIL-Spec and industrial grades offered, as well as customized bar and digit color bands using Otek’s exclusive overlay technology.

Otek will continue to develop additional features/functions of this pioneering series in the new year. We also hope to bring you some EXCITING NEWS about the SSAM with respect to our Appendix B Quality Assurance Program in the new year! Stay tuned for design and development updates.