SSAM-N Replaces the Ametek/Dixson BW051P

Weschler Instruments offers the Ametek Dixson model BW051P as a replacement for all 4½ inch standard ANSI switchboard meters. Directly, the BW051P serves as a form, fit and function replacement for the GE/Yokogawa DB40 meters that were immensely popular across several industries during the heyday of analog technology. Additionally the BW051P can also serve as a replacement for Weschler’s own K231/241 instruments. This instrument utilizes a solid-state concept that takes advantage of a microprocessor-driven design, red LED visibility, front panel programmable configurations, switch-selectable input ranges, an auto-calibration algorithm, and optional RS-422 communication. Weschler proports the BW051P to be interchangeable with any major manufacturer or panel cutout.


Unfortunately, the BW051P has also become obsolete by way of new and dramatically improved digital technology. As a direct replacement for the BW051P, Otek offers its vastly superior solid-state instrument, the SSAM-N. Improving upon the BW051P’s solid state makeup, the SSAM-N was designed without critical digital assets, such as a microprocessor, thereby eliminating the instrument from cyber security protocols as stipulated by NEI 08-09. The SSAM also mimics its analog predecessors with the ability to be powered by the signal it measures, while offering vast improvements in control room visibility with near-organic, pure white, LED technology that powers intensely bright bar graph and numerical displays, as well as the ability to customize the display colors beyond the simple “red” offered by the BW051P. Otek’s unique scale plate design can accommodate any language or color, with customized “stick-on” adhesives that can be applied directly to the meter without having to remove it from the surrounding panel. Highlight features of the SSAM-N include a 4½ digit display at 0.1% accuracy, optional isolated H.V. SPDT dual alarms for enunciator panel lamps & 4-20mA outputs, a power requirement of 10-100mW, and a signal failure alarm that alerts the operator in the event of a dead or lost signal.

For more information on the SSAM-N, the NTM and UPM series, or Otek’s brand new Plug & Play (PNP) line, please call 520-748-7900 or contact