Simpson Electric Century Models Replaced by PNP Technology


Functioning as a reseller, Weschler offers the Simpson 2142, 2143, 2152, 2153, 2144, and 2154 analog meters. Branded under the once-popular “Electric Century Style”, and ranging in size from 2 ½ to 4 ½ inches, these analogs feature an acrylic glass display with a thin needle for readings, and are housed in a rugged Phenolic case. Additional features include a purported 2% accuracy, operating temps of -20 to 65 degrees Celsius, and overload thresholds of 10 times the full-scale reading.

Finding suitable replacements at a fair price for obsolete analogs like the Simpson century style has proven to be an arduous task. Otek’s new Plug & Play (PNP) meters makes that process a whole lot easier with its ability to replace any and all meters in a control room, regardless of size, shape, or function. PNP meters accomplish this by way of a unique HUB unit—a cylindric tube—which houses a universal I/O board capable of accommodating up to four signal conditioners and over 50 input signals; all of which conveniently plugs into the existing wiring and paneling without any significant change to either.

But what if the new PNP meter does not match the exact dimensions of the old meter needing to be replaced? The answer is simple, and the Simpson electric century models are a perfect example. Provided there is enough space on the panel, any size of meter can be replaced using Otek’s One-Size-Fits-All adapter plates, that are mounted between the PNP meter and the panel itself, to ensure cohesion and proper functionality with regard to wiring. Standard adapter plate sizes range from ANSI 2 ½ to ANSI 4 ½ inches, but as with all Otek products, customizations are possible and welcomed.


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