Reverse Engineering


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Reverse Engineering

OTEK specializes in reverse engineering obsolete analog and digital instrumentation. Our flexible technology allows us to retrofit virtually any type of meter into a Form, Fit, and Function replacement designed to fit right into the preexisting panel cutout, wiring, terminals, etc. This is part of our “Plug & Play” promise to our customers—OTEK does all the hard work, so all you have to do is Plug & Play!

Reverse engineering allows for obsolete meter replacement.
Examples of OTEK’s Reverse Engineering Applications:

    1. A nuclear client needed to replace their obsolete Dixon SH101 and the Dixon 202p, as well as several of the industry-wide Bailey’s RY analog meters. It was essential to the client’s I&C room’s efficiency that these analogs be replaced 1:1 as they fail. After receiving samples of all three analogs, OTEK was able to reverse engineering Form, Fit, and Function our NTM-6 model to replace the analog meters using the same panel cut-outs, wiring, and with only minimal new training for the operators.

2. In 2018, another nuclear plant in the New England region was also the recipient of our NTM-6 to replace the Bailey RY series. OTEK custom-designed a dual-channel NTM-6 with a 4-20mA input to fit inside the existing RY housing after evaluating a sample provided by the customer. Our engineering department also designed a customized inner edge connector to fit with the existing connections of the RY meter.

3. In 2016 OTEK developed our HI-Q118 and its subsequent replacement, the NTM-8, for a nuclear client right here in Arizona. The client was looking to replace a large cache of the popular Foxboro 257 analog meters. The HI-Q118 model met these specifications Form, Fit, and Function with isolated USB capabilities for the serial i/o and 10-32 VDC power. Also, utilizing an 8″ deep housing, these units for sold commercial grade and were then replaced by the NTM-8 as newer, more innovative technology became available.

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