Raytheon Technologies to Design New SATCOM System for U.S. Navy

Replacing technology systems they’ve maintained since the mid-1980s, Raytheon Technologies Corp announces they have been contracted to provide secure satellite communications (SATCOM) to the United States Navy and her seaboard allies. The deal, first announced as part of a larger order in March, is reported to constitute $63.5 million dollars.

A specialized division of the company, Raytheon Intelligence, and Space segment housed in Marlborough, Massachusetts, will be the primary designer and supplier of the networking communications technology that will eventually be delivered to Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWARSYSCOM) in San Diego, California. The contract calls for the new systems to be installed on over 300 U.S. Navy ships, shore stations, and submarines where they will replace the outdated systems already in place.

Making use of the low, medium, and extended data rate waveforms that correlate to the high fluctuation of shipboard motion, Raytheon intends to improve upon its already-in-use technology with the construction of new Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT) systems. A next-generation of SATCOM systems, the NMT is a secure networking terminal providing protected wideband communications to create a streamlined connection between a vessel’s main computer network and the Global Information Grid. A versatile system, the NMT is capable of supporting a wide variety of signals, including but not limited to, extremely high frequencies (EHF), advanced EHF low data rate, medium data rate, extended data rate, super high frequency (SHF), Military Ka-band transmit/receive communications, and the Global Broadcast Service’s receive only communications.

As a long time supplier to Raytheon, OTEK looks forward to continuing our proud tradition of servicing the United States armed forces with superiorly efficient and obsolescence hardened technology.

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