UPM-L | 8-Digit Counter

The UPM-R is an 8-digit counter/timer. This unit is only available in a loop or external power version and includes >30 signal conditioners and isolated input power options.

Standard factory set color changes are: red: <10, >90%, yellow: <20, >80%, green: >20, <80% of F.S. Use digit 14, option 9 for custom configuration (you can change it with simple commands).

The Universal Panel Meter (UPM) series combines over 40 years of experience with the latest ASIC uC and ultra-efficient multicolor LED technology to bring you into the 21st century. The UPM external power series features over 30 signal conditioners to replace form, fit, and function any analog or digital input panel meter. If not, we’ll make it!

Universal Panel Meter - UPM-R

USB Drivers | This is a .zip file with USB Drivers.

OTEK NTM GUI V1.03 | This is a .zip file with NTM GUI.

OTEK HIQ GUI V 1.0 | This is a .zip file with HiQ GUI.

OTEK HIQ Navigator | This is a .zip file with the HiQ navigator.

Calibration Coefficients | This is an excel spreadsheet.

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