UPM-L: Loop, Signal or Externally Powered Universal Panel Meter

The Universal Panel Meter (UPM) series combines over 40 years of experience with the latest ASIC uC and ultra-efficient multicolor alphanumeric LED technology to bring you into the 21st century. The UPM external power series features over 30 signal conditioners which are installed via plug-in for ease of interchange in the field. The UPM offers Form, Fit and Function replacement for any analog or digital panel meter. If not, we'll make it! The UPM-L can function as a Digital Panel Meter (D.P.M.), or as a universal counter. It measures and displays data from over 30 analog input signals. The Powerless™ input signals include A. C. V/A/W/Hz and CURRENT LOOP and it uses the patented Powerless™ new technology of our NTM Series bar-digital meters/controllers. It features input signal failure detect/alarm and isolated serial I/O, all powered by the signal it measures. Powered models can have relays/O.C.T. & analog outputs to control your process, as well as ethernet & µSD for data logging. As a Counter-Timer-Clock-Frequency monitor, the UPM-L offers over 32 functions that are selectable via serial commands. The Input levels (TTL/CMOS/open collector/dry contact/high voltage) will vary depending on your specific configuration, but all models allow you to perform math functions using X-Y tables, polynomials, LOG & ANTI-LOG and more. Keep in mind that since we use floating point math, the possibilities are limitless.