TRC | Triple Redundant Controller

What is it? A redundant controller is a common term used in military, space and nuclear industries to ensure Fail Safe operation of critical processes where human errors, wiring, sensor or equipment failure is possible, thus preventing loss of product, investment or environment. How is it done? In large and small applications, 3 expensive and sophisticated computers are used to monitor/ control critical parameters. The TRC is the fi rst instrument of its kind that offers redundant control at an affordable price in a compact package dedicated to redundant control of one (1) specifi c parameter. The TRC contains 3 identical isolated channels with their own A/D, DAC, uC, relays, Serial I/O and power supply. The core of the TRC is the algorithm performed by the CPU that continuously compares the serial output of each channel to the other 2. Having all 3 channels monitoring the signals from 3 different sensors/transmitters at the process site using their own isolated power source and wiring eliminates single point failures.