SSAM-9 | Cybersecurity Exempt Edgewise

The SSAM-9 replaces the GE180 and VX252 respectively. Available in either plastic or metal, this hybrid unit carries up to four channels and includes OTEK’s unique “One Size Fits All” scale plate design with ultra-bright, pure white LEDs that allow for unlimited customization’s with interchangeable faceplates using your existing panel cut out and wiring! Like the entire SSAM series, the SSAM-9 is exempt from the cybersecurity regulations of NEI 08-09 by way of being built without microprocessors or other critical digital assets. Additional features of this model include 100% Signal Powered (like analog meters) for 4-20 & 10-50mA current loops, V/A AC/DC.

We replaced any and all “digital assets,” (microprocessors, etc,.) with non-digital components (as defined by NEI 08-09), with the latest hardware and added our patented (and patent-pending) technologies. We married this to the most advanced LED technology (approaching organic LED) to give you super bright bargraph and numerical displays. These displays are visible across the room when viewed in a typical Instrument & Control Room (I&C) because we incorporate “pure white” LEDs only, with the option for custom tinted scale plates to meet your needs. Conclusion: The only analog portion of the SSAM is the input signal! Use the same meter in any place and reduce your inventory. All you have to do is change the scale plate.

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