SPM | 1/8 DIN

The SPM is a combination of that expertise and newest technology in an industry’s standard 1/8 DIN package. We started with a universal display (4 1/2 digit LED) and embedded Sigma-Delta A/D. We added a “Bussed” motherboard that we can add any of hundreds of designs from our 30+ years library to deliver the industry’s only “Lifetime Warranted” Digital Panel Meter. Whether for Systems or just to monitor, control, and/or communicate via Serial I/O. The modular construction of the SPM allows OTEK to customize to your needs without expensive N.R.E., set-ups, or minimum orders.

Controller: When you order Serial I/O. (Digit 4 Options 1-3), you can order analog out (Digit 6) and/or relays (Digit 7) and we include math functions, X-Y tables & polynomials with it!

Displays: You can order the large 0.8″ 3 1/2 or 4 digits LED or the 0.6″ 4 1/2 LED. NEW white LED displays are now available! Standard filter is red. For other colors use Option 9 on 8th digit and specify color (depending on availability).

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