RPM | Radiation Panel Meter

Otek Corporation was commissioned to design and manufacture a Form, Fit and Function replacement for G.E. model RM 2300, which monitors radiation levels inside a nuclear reactor's vessel and spent fuel pools. The RPM (Radiation Panel Meter) Series is a variation of our award winning NTM (New Technology Meter) and UPM (Universal Panel Meter) series that features a tricolor bargraph-digital display. The RPM features full alpha-numeric red display and accepts a serial input of 20mA current loop data AKA:/TTY. The RPM is a unique model of the UPM Series because of its customized hardware and software (for Class 1E & Mil-Specs) and TTY interface. Due to its size restrictions, the RPM does not offer the tricolor display (red is standard) or the analog and alarm outputs like the rest of the UPM family. It does include the same firmware, which has been verified (SV&V) by an independent party. The firmware includes math functions (+, -, X, ÷, √), log and anti-log, X-Y 25 point tables, 9th order polynomials, offset, scare, tare and more, all available via the serial port.