NTT-B | 1/8 DIN Vertical

NTT-B: 1/8 DIN Panel Mount (Vertical)

Compact plastic or metal case, also available to MIL & Nuclear grade for EMI/RFI, surge susceptibility, shock, vibration & environmental. 1/8 DIN vertical panel-mount version of the NTT-0. All connections are on the rear.

USB Drivers | This is a .zip file with USB Drivers.

OTEK NTM GUI V1.03 | This is a .zip file with NTM GUI.

OTEK HIQ GUI V 1.0 | This is a .zip file with HiQ GUI.

OTEK HIQ Navigator | This is a .zip file with the HiQ navigator.

Calibration Coefficients | This is an excel spreadsheet.

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About the New Technology Series

The NTT Series is a variation of our award-winning and patented NTM & UPM series, which feature auto tricolor displays and can be used as DPMs, Timers, Counters, and Totalizer Meters or Controllers. All models use the same hardware which has been 100% approved for Nuclear Class 1E (safety), MIL-SPEC, Aerospace standards, and the software has been SV&V certified. With the NTT Series, you are assured a product worthy of your trust and confidence at a reasonable price. The modular firmware and hardware construction of the NTT, along with high-quality multi-source componentry increases the unit’s life expectancy (>40 years required by MIL-STD) and reduces obsolescence (>30 years required by the nuclear industry).

Signal Fail Alarm: Otek’s patented technology detects when the input or output signal fails so you know that your load is not connected. It flashes its display “Inpt Fail” or “OUT FAIL,” blanks the bargraph, and transmits isolated serial data post mortem for ~ 30 seconds.
Trend Indication: Its automatic tricolor (R/Y/G) bargraph changes color based on programmable set points (4) to warn operators of safe, caution or danger limits (like a traffic light).
Output: The isolated 4-20mA has a range of 3-23mA and the 30VDC compliance can drive up to 1K Ohm total loads.
Manual or Serial Input/Output Control: All models offer external control of the 4-20mA output. For 10K 0Hm potentiometer control use option 56 on digit 8 or 9. For serial output control use option 57.
Input Power: The NTT accepts 5-32VDC or 90-265VAC power input and even USB/Ethernet powered on request. High efficiency keeps the power consumption under 1 Watt without relays, and under 2 Watts when relays operate.
Manual Control (Direct/Reverse Output): Some applications require reverse acting output. The standard is “Direct” (clockwise to increase the current).
“Reverse” means counter-clockwise increases the output. All else is the same.