NTM-L: Loop, Signal or Externally Powered Digital and Analog Replacement Meter

The NTM-L housing is 3 x 1.74” and is available in plastic or metal. This unit houses up to 2 channel and is available in loop (4-20mA), A.C. signal or external power to replace fit, form and function any analog or digital panel meter. Our Powerless (loop/signal) versions only consume <60mW, comparable to an analog meter! The external power series features over 30 signal conditioners. The unit is equipped with a 51 segment automatic and programmable tricolor bargraph and four digit LED display ( and - Standard factory set color changes are: red: <10 and >90%, yellow: <20 and >80%, green: >20 and <80% of full scale (you can change it with simple commands). The NTM-L features automatic signal fail detect (open or short) and serial transmission with run time stamp and unit ID. Serial communication options include USB and RS485, externally powered units include the additional options of Ethernet and flash memory (µSD). Our patented (and pending) hardware and firmware gives you the highest reliability at the lowest cost. Our flexible firmware allows the NTM-L to operate efficiently with improved response time and offers several math functions such as X-Y tables, polynomials and log-anti-log functions. Additional features of the external powered NTM-L include isolated retransmission (4-20mA or 30V), universal power inputs (5-32VDC or 90-265VAC) and control output options of O.C.T. (4/channel) or relays (4/channel). We have combined over 40 years of experience with the latest ASIC uC and ultra-efficient multicolor LED technology to bring you into the 21st century. Our multi-supplier modular design prevents obsolescence for many years to come. The NTM Series has no moving parts so as to eliminate stuck needles, recalibration and replacement. All OTEK products have a lifetime warranty as a reflection of our quality. The NTM Series includes 20 industry standard models. See if we have a model that fits your needs. If you do not see what you need, tell us your custom needs and we'll make it!