HI-Q111 Digital Programmable Remote Display

PLEASE NOTE THAT NO NEW ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN FOR THIS MODEL AFTER 12/2016. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS OR SEE MODEL UPM-L AS A REPLACEMENT The HI-Q111 is part of Otek’s industrial serial remote display series. It is a versatile indicator featuring an LED segment display that allows remote monitoring through any DCS, SCADA, or any other network with RS232C, USB or RS485 protocol ASCII character output. As a slave display the HI-Q111 allows the user to control and display numeric and ASCII characters, in red or green. The remote display includes an LED in the upper-left corner of the meter face that can be programmed to indicate an alarm state, a cautionary range, sign or any other flag that is relevant to process operation. This remote display complements any of Otek’s HI-Q series of programmable process controllers. Otek specializes in customizing instrumentation for process control and automation to fit a variety of needs. For more information please contact us. All of Otek’s products are covered by a lifetime warranty. Sanitary Casing: Water tight and steam resistant up to 250° F. Explosion Proof Casing: This meter meets Class I, Div 1 &2 groups B, C, and D; Class II, Div 1 & 2 groups E, F, and G; Class III, NEMA 3,4, 7, 9, and 12; FMC, CSA Cenelee and Baseefa requirements.