HI-Q101 Edgewise Bargraph Digital Display Indicator

PLEASE NOTE THAT NO NEW ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN FOR THIS MODEL AFTER 12/2016. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS OR SEE MODEL NTM-P AS A REPLACEMENT. OTEK's HI-Q101 (1.39"W x 6.60"H x 3.27"D) is not only a form, fit and function replacement of the BE051 & BE101 but a 21st Century technology equivalent of our successful HI-Q Series. The look is similar but the performance is different. Panel cutout (1.06"W x 5.60"H). You get many included features and options not available before, such as: *Relays: 2 each with S.P.D.T. 1 amp contacts, or Open Collector Transistors (O.C.T.) for fast switching. *Limits: 100% adjustable via 15 turn potentiometers on the rear of the unit. *Display: 101 monolythic bright Red LED display with four (4) Red full digits and "-" sign with over/underange indication for either vertical or horizontal mounting. *Housing: Same as BE Series with added rear slots for new options. *Connector: Same as the BE (edgeboard) or the new "Euro" style plug-in screw terminal connector for 16-22 ga. wire. *Serial I/O: None, RS232D, RS485, 7 Bit Parallel or USB and you can even power the HI-Q101 from the USB! *Power Input: 5V non-isolated (like the BE) or 5, 12, 24 & 48VDC or 90-265VAC isolated. SIGNAL CONDITIONERS: The HI-Q101 offers over 20 input signal conditioners (see ordering information and description) for all your needs. Take special note of our patented (#7,626,378) A.C. Powerless™ options (8, B, Y, and Z) for A.C. power line monitoring/control without requiring power supply. The signal powers the HI-Q101.