DIN-BAR | Discontinued

This product is scheduled for discontinuation based on the availability of parts. See Model NTM-0 (horizontal 1/8 DIN) or NTM-B (vertical 1/8 DIN) AS REPLACEMENTS.

The DIN-BAR (1.88″W x 3.75″H x 4.40″D) is an auto-tricolor bar-digital controller. Enclosed in a standard 1/8 Din NEMA 4X Housing and includes plug-in screw terminal connectors for all I/O, except the Serial “RS” which uses a “DB-9” Connector.

The DIN-BAR was specifically designed to replace (form & fit) the old electromechanical bargraph meters, with 21st Century Technology exclusive to OTEK, the originator of the Automatic Tricolor Bargraph P.I.C. (Programmable Intelligent Controllers). The only similarity is the panel cut out, mounting and bezel. The rest is all OTEK’s proven design with thousands of units installed from Space Stations to Military, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and other critical industries (all products are LIFETIME (LTD) WARRANTIED.)

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