APM | Avionics Panel Meter

OTEK's Model APM is a four (4) digit green , red or blue LED indicator that accepts standard avionics power of 5-32VDC (Green, Red or Blue digits) and intensity control voltage of 1.5 - 5V 50-440Hz (or DC/Resistance). OTEK's exclusive powerless technique allows the APM to be loop powered causing a maximum of 5VDC burden to the loop.
The APM only requires 2 wires to operate. The heart of the APM is an ASIC that accepts VDC or mADC and can be scaled (internally) to any value. The unit mounts in a standard avionics 1" diameter hole with four (4) mounting screws and connects to Power and signal via a "Twist Lock" circular connector (DBC53H-10-6P, Mating Cable End: MS347640 (L or M) -6S).
The APM is fully sealed and it is not affected by differential pressure, liquid spray (NEMA4X) or humidity (See Specs.).
APPLICABLE MIL-SPECS: MIL-STD-461D, 462D, 704F, 130K, 810F, 889B2 & 1472F; MIL-HDBK-217F & 454A, RTCA-160F.