ACL AC Signal-Powered Loop Transmitter / Controller

****This model has been discontinued. See our new NT Series of transmitters/controllers.***** OTEK's ACL (2.60"W x 3.70"H) is a A.C. Loop transmitter/controller for volts, amps, watts or hertz with optional 4 1/2 digital display. The World's Largest Manufacturer of Current Loop Products and inventor of Loop Powered Meters, Transmitters and Controllers brings you its new "ACL" Series based on its patents #4,908,569; 6,285,094 and other patents pending. The ACL Series consists of dual RMS-DC converters and a 4-20mA transmitter along with either Hz to VDC, VAC-VDC, AAC-VDC or W-VDC converters. All powered by OTEK's exclusive VAC (from your potential transformer) to DC converter and/or Amps AC (from your current transformer (C.T.). With the ACL all you need to do is bring 2 wires from your power line/load to your panel saving you thousands of dollars on H.V. conduit and safety certi? cations. The universally accepted Current Loop data process transmission means that you can remotely monitor and control generators, motors, loads,power factor, transmission lines and other critical power related data, without the hazard inherent of high voltage and current wiring. NOTE: Not Recommended for TRIAC/SCR Firing.