6K Digital Panel Meter

OTEK's model 6K is discontinued and replaced with the model UPM-L. OTEK's 6K (2.55"W x 1.45"H x 1.57"D) is a system panel meter that has all the features of units four times its size and just snaps-in your panel. Optional housing include sanitary and explosion proof! The Display: Choose from 4 1/2 digits ( 0.4" LED red (Std) or any other color (red, orange, yellow, green or blue. The A/D: Either stand alone Sigma-Delta A/D or controlled by CPU via serial I/O (232/485 or USB) or your choice, all SV&V (software veri? cations and validation) for high reliability (sister products are used in nuclear applications, outer space and under seas). Serial I/O: RS232, 485 or USB options give you access to the 6K ?C with all its SV &V proven power, such as polynomials, X-Y tables, math functions, decimal points & display. You can use the 6K as a serial input remote display. Hyperterminal, PROCOMM, Kermit compatible. The Power: OTEK invented (1975) and coined the term "Powerless™"-meaning Signal Powered for either current loops, DC or AC signals, even with parasitic Serial I/O. You can also specify 5-48 VDC or 90-265VAC or 100-330VDC. Need others? Just contact us. The Signal Conditioners: We have over 20 input signal conditioners (see description) or our "SC" series, which was developed over the last 35 years. If you don't see it, ask for it! The Case: Either "Snap-In" panel mount plastic 94-VO, explosion proof (Class I, Div 1, GPS. B-G, Ex & 1ECex: IM2, Exd1) or sanitary for >250°steam cleaning in food industry.