Plug & Play is the cornerstone philosophy behind all of OTEK’s award-winning products. It means we design our technology with our customers’ efficiency in mind so that when you replace your existing meters with OTEK, it’s as seamless as digitally possible.

That’s All! No changes to existing mounting, wiring, procedures, operators, etc. Our Plug & Play instrumentation can give your present investment in your I&C room decades of life expectancy.

History of OTEK’s Plug & Play:

2018: We saved a nuclear customer millions of dollars and years of losses by designing a Plug & Play replacement for obsolete analog & digital meters without Software (CDA) avoiding millions of dollars in Cyber Security expenses and years of NRC approvals.



2017: A nuclear manufacturer needed to buy a 100% Plug & Play replacement for a radiation panel meter with TTY input and log/anti-log/math functions. OTEK subsequently developed its Award-Winning RPM/UPM-R series.

2016: A customer in a planned outage needed a Class 1E replacement for old obsolete Versatile/VMI meters within 60 days. OTEK’s engineering team redesigned our NTM-B model and created the NTM-V. 100% Plug & Play replacement for the 9223.


1990: A customer needed to replace hundreds of obsolete VMI 1233 with one condition: They needed to use existing wiring and existing housings already in place—essentially only changing the internal “guts” and intended for a Class 1E application. OTEK was able to successfully accommodate this request and deliver on time so that the customer’s reactor was able to commence operations on schedule.

1984-2011: OTEK’s HI-Q nuclear grade Plug & Play series is born to accommodate plant managers wary of growing analog obsolescence within the nuclear industry. The HI-Q replaced popular analogs of the day such as Dixson 101, Bailey RY, Foxboro 257, and GE 180 among others. The HI-Q models remain a popular Plug & Play replacement to this day.


1983: DIN-BAR: Bar-Digital Controller custom-designed for a nuclear grade application as a 100% Form, Fit, & Function replacement for low-quality digital panel meters abundantly present in nuclear power plants at the time. This resulted in the industry’s 1st Loop-Powered Bar Digital Meter.

1982: OTEK’s APM Model: A Plug & Play LED indicator used in a multitude of military applications to replace NSN 6620-00-083-8811, with NVG-3 night vision capabilities. We still proudly manufacture the APM for our armed forces to this day.

1979: NIM-BIN: OTEK developed our 1st nuclear grade product as a Plug & Play replacement for older obsolete NIM-BIN models prevalent in many early nuclear plants in the U.S. fleet


1974: How did it all begin? Hughes Aircraft/Aerospace needed a Plug & Play replacement for an approximately 1940’s era scientific Nixie tube meter. OTEK developed its inaugural Plug & Play model 100, which was later used in the subsequent space shuttle application.


OTEK’s team is proud of our history in helping customers across a broad range of industries prosper and grow through innovation, efficiency, and reliability. We thank you all for your trust and support.

Our motto:

We work hard so you can just PLUG & PLAY!

The OTEK team