Product Spotlight: OTEK’s Universal Panel Meter (UPM)

Limitless Possibilities with New Universal Panel Meter

Tucson, Arizona– Following on the heels of OTEK’s highly successful New Technology Meter (NTM) Series, the Universal Panel Meter (UPM) combines our patented technology with an influx of high functionality to create a new meter with unlimited applicational use. Incorporating the award-winning “smart” technology that powers our NTM line into an alphanumeric tri-color display that also includes counter algorithms, the UPM can function equally efficient as a Counter or as a DPM.

With this exclusive duality, the UPM-L truly is universal. As a counter/timer, the UPM Series (10 models) accepts over 15 digital signals, including time, event, frequency, ratio, up/down, TTL/COMS, and HV. As a DPM it readily accepts over 30 standard analog signals, including but not limited to 100% 4-20mA loop power, from mV to 240VAC/D & 0.1, RTD, TC, S-G, and many others. Additional highlights of the model feature input fail alarms with runtime stamp, self-diagnostics, isolated serial I/O (USB or RS485), intensity controls, 4 relays or isolated transistors, math functions (+, -, x, √, ÷, X-Y tables, polynomials), only 100mW at 5VDC, and Ethernet/Modbus upon request. The UPM is also obsolescence hardened in conjunction with OTEK’s effort to aid the transition from obsolete analogs to digital meter technology across the industrial, military, and nuclear industries.

Like all of our metering technology, the UPM Series comes equipped with the OTEK lifetime warranty, which embodies our commitment to providing our customers with excellent products and services. As our motto We Do All the Work, So All You Have to Do is Plug & Play indicates, the UPM-L is highly customizable to a vast array of applications. We customize our technology to meet your needs!

The UPM-L, like all our new technology meters, measures up to the demands of the industry by providing durability and reliability. There are many models and options available in the UPM series. Learn more at, or contact OTEK at 520-748-7900, or by email at