OTEK Offers 100% Form, Fit, and Function for the GE/DB40

While the Nuclear Industry grapples with its looming analog obsolescence crisis, OTEK is stepping up to offer immediate and viable solutions. The DB40 has been an industry fixture for nearly a half century, but as with the rest of its analog brethren, it is facing extinction with the inexorable advancements in technology and changing industry standards. The typical solutions to this problem have been both cost prohibitive and time consuming, particularly when power plants opt for Flat Screen replacement which results in lengthy shutdowns and diminished sight of any R.O.I.

OTEK’s solution is our Plug & Play technology, which offers 100% Form, Fit, and Function replacement for the GE/DB40 for Class 1E Safety Related & Nuclear Qualified as well as Mil-Spec 461, 167-1, 810F, 901C, and IEE-344. With OTEK you don’t have to close your plant for lengthy installations, undergo expensive rewiring in your control room, or retrain your operators. With our New Technology meters all you need to do is simply unplug your analogs and plug in OTEK.

For the DB40 we offer equivalent replacements with our NTM-M, NTM-N, and NTM-3 respectively. All three models feature our patented automatic signal fail detect alarm and serial transmission with run time stamp and unit ID. Additionally the technology that powers these models is customizable to your needs, as with all our products here at OTEK. And of course, each comes with our guaranteed lifetime warranty.

So if you want to be proactive in fighting the obsolescence challenge and do so without wasting money or efficiency, please give us a call today at 520-748-7900!