OTEK Meters in Hollywood

OTEK Meters in HollywoodOTEK technology has been applied to numerous applications over the years, which has brought our meters into the secret bowels of submarines, into the cockpits of both commercial and military aircraft, into nuclear power plants and waste-water facilities, into tanks, jets, training simulators, oil rigs, farming equipment, trains, radio towers—and even, into space. Well, the Hollywood version that is. Yes, you’ve seen OTEK meters in Hollywood.

For all you Trekkies out there, this one’s a gem. Originally airing on December 1st, 1999, on the popular science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager in an episode entitled “Pathfinder”, protagonist Reginald Barclay is involved in an effort to communicate with the USS Voyager stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Barclay has a theory about using the MIDAS Array to create a micro wormhole in the Delta Quadrant near Voyager and use it to create a two-way communication link. Barclay commands the array which as he predicted creates the wormhole into the Delta Quadrant. During this scene (31:48) an original OTEK (formally IMC) meter can be seen controlling the Tachyon Beam of the MIDAS Array.

That’s all Trek jargon for OTEK on your television at the turn of the century. The model in question (long since discontinued due to parts availability) was our 580 meter, which first went into production during the previous year, 1998. This was well before the current illusionary circus of CGI and other magical special effects that populate the silver screen these days—so back then, when Hollywood wanted metering technology that looked professional, they called OTEK.

But our meters do much, much more than aesthetically persuade the human eye. Inside, where firmware and our award-winning technology combine to power our meters across a wide swath of industries and applications, we perform as professionally as we look. In a sense, OTEK meters are the exception to that beautiful cardinal rule: you can judge us by our cover.

We upgrade our technology as time unfolds into new options and avenues. While the 580 model was discontinued, we replaced it with technologically superior successors that have remained, twenty years later, highly successful among our customer base. We can brag about OTEK meters in Hollywood, but we’d rather brag about all the industries working smarter.

            So yea, we’ll snag a page from Star Trek on this one:

            To Boldly Go, Where No Meter Has Gone Before…

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