OTEK at ISA Energy & Water Automation 2019 Conference

Among the lush emerald fairways and the heated palms, the Florida sun and summer’s end, OTEK President & CEO Dr. Otto Fest is presenting his solution to analog obsolescence at the 2019 ISA Energy & Water Automation Conference. Under the stage lights of the Omni Orlando Resort, Dr. Fest will lecture on several key tenets of his published white paper Obsolescence: Another Challenge For The I & C Rooms To Overcome. His goal, and the driving force behind OTEK’s new generation of technologically advanced digital panel meters, remains ever consistent: to help ease the transition away from obsolete analogs across a wide swath of industries.

The presentation itself addresses the means of doing so from several angles. Ever mindful of Henry Ford’s problem when introducing the Model T without any natural means of comparison, Dr. Fests couches his New Technology Meters inside an examination of the identifiable options currently available to nuclear I&C rooms as they explore the conversion to digitalization.

            He identifies four prominent options:

Do Nothing: New Class 1E digital replacements are simply too expensive to justify the operating expense of the manufacturer. Even rebuilt replacements can cost upwards of $20,000 each with lead times of six months or more.

APC & Touch Screen Monitors: Digitizing the control room in this fashion requires 3-5 years of implementation (after several years of NRC approval processes) and may cost over $100 million in overall expenses.

DAS & Touch Screen Monitors: This offers control rooms a cost-effective and quicker R.O.I. but still requires a new control room and incurs lengthy shutdown expenses even after NRC approval.

100% Form, Fit, and Function Replacements

The latter is what led to the development of our New Technology Meters (NTM) and our Solid State Analog Meter (SSAM). Both meters incorporate our award-winning and patented technology, adhere to signal, loop, or external power considerations, and are designed with NEI 08-09 cybersecurity mandates in mind. In that regard, the NTM line functions as cybersecurity compliant within the 10CFR50 APP. B & 10CFR21 mandated guidelines—the SSAM’s unique marriage of analog hardware with Otek technology, notably without the inclusion of digital assets such as microprocessors, engenders this model as cybersecurity exempt. In fact, the SSAM was designed specifically to alleviate the financial burden of NEI 08-09 by skirting cybersecurity expenses in aging plants and unregulated markets.

If you were unable to attend the Orlando conference this year, Dr. Fest will be presenting at several other events scheduled for later this Fall, including ANS-Winter in Washington D.C. the first week of November.

For more information on upcoming conferences, the NTM and SSAM, or anything else in the world of Otek, please call our office at (520) 748-7900 or contact our sales department: sales@otekcorp.com