Otek at ANS/NPIC-HMIT This Weekend

Otek President and Owner, Dr. Otto Fest, is heading back to Orlando for the 11th ANS/NPIC-HMIT conference in Orlando, Florida, this coming weekend, February 10th through the 13th.
While there will be many major players in the industry present, including Lockheed Martin just a few booths away in #306, don’t miss out on the chance to stop by booth #302 where Dr. Fest will be displaying Otek’s innovative gift to the nuclear industry, the Solid State Analog Meter or SSAM.

What makes the SSAM so innovative? For starters, the SSAM was designed without any digital components based on a prototype Dr. Fest had tinkered around with in 2004 when challenged by a nuclear plant manager to create a digital meter that paralleled Otek’s popular New Technology Series (NTM’s), but without the inclusion of a microprocessor. Dr. Fest’s gift to the industry became the cost-effective SSAM which helps NPP’s meet the demands of NEI 08-09 while avoiding the huge expenses of doing so by carrying a Cyber Security Exempt status.

The SSAM also adheres to Otek’s theory of “Plug & Play”. While the term sounds simple—and echoes of Dr. Fest’s father’s mantra of “Simplicity is the mother of reliability”—in application it is anything but. The SSAM, like its NTM brethren, is designed to easily slide into place of older, obsolete analog meters—same wiring, no lengthy outages for installation, and only minimal training for I & C operators. Just unwire the analog and wire in the SSAM!

The SSAM is also easy to read from nearly anywhere in the control room and comes equipped with an input fail alarm that alerts the operator when the signal is dead. Additionally the SSAM is backed by Otek’s lifetime warranty and is completely customizable for any user application.

Interested in a more efficient, objective, and cost-effective way to monitor your control room? Stop by booth #302 and see the beauty of Plug & Play from the man who brought you the industry’s first loop powered technology!
Otek may be reached by phone at (520) 748-7900 or via email at sales@otekcorp.com.