Obsolescence Solutions

Obsolescence Solutions

Dr. Otto Fest, President, OTEK Corporation

History of OTEK, Dr. Fest’s Experience, and The Future

In 1967, Dr. Fest was recruited by NASA during his senior year at IIT as one of 400,000 engineers to work on Apollo 11. Dr. Fest remained with NASA through the landing of Apollo 15 on July 26, 1971. He created a custom electric R&D company in 1972 – giving way to the birth of OTEK Corporation in 1974.

The first military contract secured led to the development of OTEK’s first 100% current loop powered digital meter known as the Powerless™ Meter. Through the decades, OTEK has designed and patented numerous meters growing with technological advancements, designed to eliminate obsolescence in facilities internationally. Today, we have approximately 30 products holding National Stock Numbers (NSN). We continue to work with the military as well as power-infrastructure facilities and others around the world. Our success is built by manufacturing quality meters and backed by teamwork.

Dr. Fest has encouraged his children to take part in OTEK operations. All seven have worked for OTEK and some remain an integral part of the company. Of his 11 grandchildren, 4 have held summer jobs, sparking interest in all facets of the company from design to manufacturing and operations. When hiring staff, Dr. Fest seeks out the brightest, most inquisitive minds to both share their knowledge with the company and grow through learning what has made OTEK Corp into what it is today.

Innovation, problem-solving, and a willingness to grow set OTEK and our products apart. Dr. Fest’s engineering insight and business forethought have ensured not only a lifetime warranty on the products but the business, too.

At OTEK, we work hard, so you can Plug and Play!