Obsolescence Hardened Bargraphs, Controllers, and More

Obsolete Meters Solution

Video Highlights:

History has always given us a choice: evolution or extinction. Will analog meters outlast your I&C room? Might we suggest that less is more? Our technology is simple and obsolescence hardened.

Since 1974, OTEK has evolved it’s Loop-Powered technology and 45-years later, it still works! It has evolved through today. Any signal-powered meter, just like obsolete analog meters, can be exchanged with no changes to your present controls. Our high accuracy and reliability meters eliminate guessing the needle position. If the signal fails or is off-limits, it will alarm you.

No or low-budget for cybersecurity or control room? Our SSAM hasĀ NO CDA and replaces obsolete signal-driven analogs 100% form, fit, and function. Just plug and play! Replace them as your old meters fail or your complete control room in one scheduled outage.

Need data collection or automatic process control? Our New Technology Meter (NTM) is cybersecurity compliant and 100% compatible with digital IO systems. Like the SSAM, the NTM is 100% form, fit, and function.

The choice is yours.

Do nothing? Spend millions of dollars and years without ROI before closure? Or evolve, prosper, and profit until plant decommissioning like others have done. You can say no more to stuck needles, human errors, and expensive obsolete rebuilt old meters.

Our team at OTEK is happy to help you determine which product would best suit your facility. Give us a call at 520-748-7900 or email our sales department at sales@otekcorp.com.