Nuclear Trade Association Condemn’s Europe’s Coronavirus Recover Plan

In a statement released May 27th, Brussels-based trade association Foratom has sharply criticized the European Commission’s decision to exclude nuclear energy from its COVID-19 recovery effort, referred to as the Green Recovery Plan. That decision, the atomic forum said, is negligent of Europe’s cleanest and most dispatchable form of energy: that of nuclear fission.

“The Commission has once again ignored Europe’s largest source of low-carbon dispatchable energy” said Yves Desbazeille, Foratom’s Director General said, “Nuclear is a low-carbon European technology, which ensures security of supply and creates jobs in the EU.”

In condemning the decision, Foratom outlined three implementations it would like to see incorporated into the Commission’s recovery plan:

  1. Ensure security of supply.
  2. “European nuclear power plants have enough fuel supplies to run for around three years” the nuclear trade body said.
  1. Focus on European Technologies.
  2. “Nuclear energy currently sustains around one million jobs in the EU and generates around EUR450 billion”, Foratom maintains, add that it would like the Commission to focus on regional and emerging Euro-based technologies that foster job growth on the continent.
  1. Commit to Stated Decarbonization Goals.
  2. Highlighting the two aforementioned ideas, Foratom asks the Commission to realize a zero-carbon reduction is not possible with renewables alone; wind, solar, and hydro-powered renewables must work in conjunction with nuclear energy to effectively reduce Europe’s carbon footprint.

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