Nuclear Energy Conference Addresses Global Concerns in London

Earlier this week delegates and industry leaders from around the world gathered in London to hold court on the current state of the nuclear industry. Billed as The Nuclear New Build 2019 Conference, the two-day event broached several key topics affecting today’s nuclear energy, as well as influencing its directional future.

A brief overview:

  • -Tim Stone opened the conference comparing the benefits of nuclear energy against their often perceived rivals, renewables such as solar and wind. He recalled a recent International Energy Agency report warning that decreased global nuclear power would empirically contribute to rising carbon emissions. He also joined with German-based Volkswagen decrying the German withdrawal from nuclear energy and the disastrous effect it has had on the country’s energy expenses.
  • -EDF Energy managing director Humphrey Cadout-Hudson discussed the feasibility of diminishing nuclear plant construction costs by copying previous plant designs, as well as the massive potential of the new advanced and small modular (AMRS & SMRS) reactors in terms of both energy output and financial costs. These new-age modular reactors became a continuous topic of interest throughout the conference.
  • -Nuclear Industry Council CEO David Blee continued the modular reactor talk in terms of the global market, noting, “AMR and SMRs are game-changers that could lead to a “renaissance” in the supply chain.” The discussion continued over AMR’s and SMR’s as they pertain to individual countries’ nuclear energy output, at which the U.S.’s is expected to fall from 19% to 12% by 2050 unless modular reactors and policy changes are introduced.
  • -The conference concluded with a definitive commitment to global net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Skepticism remains prevalent unless governmental policies in key countries, such as the U.S. & Germany, are radically altered.

While OTEK did not attend the conference, our President and Owner Dr. Otto Fest is currently presenting a timely paper on nuclear I&C room’s efforts to digitize, and the economical feasibility of doing so. We have long supported the nuclear industry with a specialized line of DPMs that are uniquely designed to replace obsolete ammeters with Form, Fit, and Function technology, as well as adhere to NEI cybersecurity mandates.

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