NTM-V The Sigma 9263 Replacement

Looking for a Sigma 9263 replacement? OTEK’s NTM-V transforms efficiency.

Sigma Controls was founded in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, in 1985 with a focus on water-based applications for measurement and control. Picking up business as the analog age began to ride its last wave, the company cashed in on the advent of digital meters and rode that into a robust turn of the millennium. While Sigma itself has positioned itself well in the 21st century with a nod to the DPM revolution, they have left some relics behind in U.S. nuclear plants that have not aged as gracefully as their creators.

One such vestige is the Sigma 9263 analog meter. Long since fallen into the obsolescence abyss, the 9263 is long, bulky, cumbersome and prone to frustrating analog deficiencies such as display parallax and unreliable needles. Placing oneself behind the eyes of a control room operator, it’s not too difficult to imagine the frustration of being unable to quickly take a reading of the 9263 from across the control room—one has to nearly touch their nose to the instrument to read it.

Sigma 9263 Replacement

Don’t play around with the past—it offers nothing but theft of the future. Bolster your control room’s future with OTEK’s NTM-V, from our award-winning New Technology Series. OTEK offers the NTM-V as a 100% Form, Fit, and Function replacement for the Sigma 9263 for Class 1E safety-related and nuclear-qualified applications, as well as Mil-Specs 461, 167-1, 810F, 901C, and IEEE-344.

The NTM-V is cybersecurity compliant and comes with our lifetime warranty, as well as being highly customizable to your specific applications. The model is available in metal only, making it perfect for nuclear or military use. Additional features include an automatic tricolor bar graph with intensity control, input fail alarm complete with runtime stamp, self-diagnostics, Isolated Serial I/O, USB or RS485, a configurable bar direction, over thirty isolated input signals, and 4 relays or O.C.T. on externally powered models.

Analog obsolescence is perfectly willing to wait for you, but the future isn’t. Don’t get left behind in a mire of lost R.O.I. and inefficiency—upgrade to the OTEK solution.

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