Increasing NOAA & FAA Efficiency with OTEK Products 

01. Obsolescence Hardened

Obsolescence is best managed when considered at the start of a design. OTEK's patented technology is the result of forward-thinking decades from now. Our instruments built in 1974 still work in facilities today. That's obsolescence hardened!

02. Plug & Play

OTEK provides 100% form, fit, and function obsolescence upgrades for a variety of decommissioned bargraph meters, digital panel meters, controllers, batch counters, process loggers, and bargraph indicators. We work hard so you can Plug & Play!

03. Lifetime Warranty

We design, develop, and manufacture our products in the U.S., deploying state-of-the-art technology and using only the highest quality materials and components. Our proven excellence delivers an unprecedented lifetime warranty.

Our NOAA & FAA Products

Stand the Test of Time

Our Most Popular NOAA & FAA Instrumentation

NTM-P: Edgewise Bargraph

The NTM-P is a replacement for Dixon Ametek BE 101 and BE 051 Edgewise Bargraph meters.

The housing is an industry-standard 1.39″ W x 6.6″ H x 3.67″ D available in plastic. This single-channel Bar-Digital meter/controller is available in loop (4-20mA), A.C. signal or external power to replace fit, form, and function any analog or digital panel meter. Our Powerless (loop/signal) versions only consume <60mW, comparable to an analog meter! The external power series features over 30 signal conditioners.

This unit is the next-generation replacement for the HI-Q 101, commonly utilized by the NOAA & FAA.

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APM: Avionics Panel Meter

OTEK’s Model APM is a four (4) digit green, red, or blue LED indicator that accepts standard avionics power of 5-32VDC and intensity control voltage of 1.5 – 5V 50-440Hz (or DC/Resistance). OTEK’s exclusive powerless technique allows the APM to be loop powered causing a maximum of 5VDC burden to the loop.

The APM only requires 2 wires to operate. The heart of the APM is an ASIC that accepts VDC or mADC and can be scaled (internally) to any value. The unit mounts in a standard avionics 1″ diameter hole with four (4) mounting screws and connects to Power and signal via a “Twist Lock” circular connector (DBC53H-10-6P, Mating Cable End: MS347640 (L or M) -6S).

The APM is fully sealed and it is not affected by differential pressure, liquid spray (NEMA4X), or humidity.

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NTM-0: 1/8 DIN

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NTM-A: 1/4 DIN

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NTM-S: Bar-Digital

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UMP-4: Alpha-Numeric

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