New Technology Transmitters

NTT Common Features:

Isolated 4-20mA output & serial I/O | Signal/Serial or Manually (PID) controlled output | AC/DC signal or universal power inputInput/output fail alarm | Math Functions | Polynomials | Mil-spec/Class 1E grades | Cybersecurity safe (NEI 08-09)

9 models standard | Custom Built Models and Reverse Engineering Available

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Designed, Developed, and Manufactured to order in Tucson, Arizona.

Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Build It. 

OTEK specializes in reverse engineering obsolete analog and digital instrumentation. Our flexible technology allows us to retrofit virtually any type of meter into a Form, Fit, and Function replacement designed to fit right into the preexisting panel cutout, wiring, terminals, etc.

Plug & Play saves you time and money.