The new technology PNP User’s Manual/Catalog contains detailed Technical description on How It Works, Specifications of every function as a Stand Alone to replace identical housing meters as well as the innovative(Patent Pending) One Size Fits All, All For One Display and the HUB that converts any and All Signals to the Common “Movement” of all Displays eliminating the need for different models for different signal or power inputs hence the One for All exclusive feature of the PNP series.

the Catalog/Manual is divide in two sections, one for Complete Factory tested and certified for Class 1E or Mil Std or Industrial Grade ready to plug in (Finish Product)and the KIT section specifically designed/arranged for ONSITU selection of Plug-In (nothing to solder/change) assemblies with complete instructions(Charts), schematics, PLD, troubleshooting notes, etc. The same instructions our engineers use to Test & Certify our Finish Product for Class1E/Mil. there are 2 Ordering information: a) Finish Product & B) Kits. Typical assembly/test and Certification per unit(regardless of simplicity) is <10 minutes assuming All Parts On Hand.







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